I am a southern girl at heart--born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. My family are "salt of the earth" people from Alabama and South Carolina. I grew up riding horses and four wheelers and learning about fishing and hunting--and though I now spend more time in big cities than on farms, these are still my roots and I'm grateful for them.

I've accomplished some amazing things in my lifetime already. I've lived all over the world--singing jazz in Prague, studying theatre in Paris and dance in Bangkok. I studied and worked in New York City for eight years and can speak both English and French. I am a trained singer who began her career as a competitive opera singer at the age of 15... but through all of these unbelievable experiences, one thing remains constant--my home and my family. They can always bring me back down to earth and remind me who I am at my core--a southern girl who is just as comfortable in jeans as she is in a couture gown.

Katie McGeheeKatie McGehee